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thatweirdhomeschooledgirl • 2 months ago − NOTE TO THE GOVERNMENT: Your job is to *govern* us, not teach our children. Because not everyone can teach their own children or afford private education, and because education *is* a right, you have been … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Unions – Times Are Changing

Just after I followed-the-money and convinced myself once again that teacher’s unions were impenetrable even to simultaneous attacks from the progressive left and from the political right, cracks in their lines have appeared. Articles on Google this week indicate the … Continue reading

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U.S. Education Facts With a Few Observations

The following facts are taken from Whitney Tilson’s filmed presentation titled, A Right Denied/The Critical Need For Genuine School Reform. I recommend readers watch the film of his presentation which can be found here: Material from the presentation is in bold. It … Continue reading

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K-12 Education Choices

Choices Public School  75% of public school students will not be prepared for college or for a career. See the following:  Sadly, most public schools are handicapped by their union’s fight for the status quo to maintain their power … Continue reading

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only knowledge …

only knowledge changes your fate Cao Weiping, mother of a student in rural China About Me and Why I Write   I am a grandparent of 11 children ranging in age 18 months to 18 years and I am alarmed … Continue reading

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