thatweirdhomeschooledgirl • 2 months ago − NOTE TO THE GOVERNMENT: Your job is to *govern* us, not teach our children. Because not everyone can teach their own children or afford private education, and because education *is* a right, you have been given the *privilege* of education. Parents have a right, you have a privilege. You can not take that right from the parents. They can, however, take that privilege from you, and home or private school their children.

The United States Department of Justice has filed a brief with the Court of Appeals, Sixth District in opposition to the German family, Romeike, home schooling their family.Holder and DOJ claimes, among other things, that a law prohibiting home schooling does not violate anyone’s rights.  How outrageous! Our government believes home schooling can be outlawed without the violation of anyone’s rights. Fortunately, Michael Farris, Founder of the Home School Defense Association, has eloquently argued how our government is wrong. See link for Michael’s basis and background for his brief and beliefs. The above partial quote is from a reader of  Michael’s article.

Yesterday I was complimentary to President Obama relative to his efforts in trying to achieve public school reform.   Reform is long overdue and he and his administration are doing the right thing here.  Looking beyond the obvious however, raises questions regarding the motives involved.  We know how the President feels about public education but how does he feel about its alternatives? His administration’s early action against the Washington D. C. vouchers tells us his position there.  This current action tells us what his administration’s position regarding home schooling.  Am I leaping too far in proposing that the masses are meant to be educated in government (public) schools in a carefully crafted curriculum molding young minds in group think?  A question deserving more thought and analysis.  I can not dismiss the critics’ charges that the Department of Education’s Common Core standards are riddled with Marxist doctrine.  Are all these things tied together?

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